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Yoga to strengthen your core - 25 min video

Posted on September 06 2019

Yoga to strengthen your core - 25 min video

Yoga to Strengthen Your Core (25 mins Free Class)

This flow will activate your core and light a fire inside of you.  Candace does an AMAZING job keeping things light as the going gets tough and provides different options so this flow is guaranteed to leave you feeling oh so good.

In this video we focus on

  • Fluid movements isolating the core and balance poses. 
  • Awesome ways to incorporate yoga blocks in your practice you probably haven't seen before.  Candace brings that fire!    
  • Options to add some sizzle to basic movements so you can challenge yourself or increase the difficulty to find your edge.                           
  • Smiling, yes even when things get a little tough we want to see those pearly whites. 

Get Candace's Setup

Cork is going to provide support, cushion, and extra grip when the sweat starts to flow.  They are easy to maintain, outdoor rated and provide increased grip when the sweat starts to pour.

Cork Yoga Mat - Lace

Yoga Blocks Paired

Candace Moore
Founder of Yoga By Candace, and author of the famous book Namaslay. Off the mat you can find her leading retreats all over the world or in her newly opened studio in CT! 

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