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"Catching our 2nd Wind"

It started by accident.  A broken arm that became a catalyst for change.  Our CEO broke his arm while snowboarding and after hearing that his options were surgery or dealing with the limited mobility he challenged the notion and decided to try Yoga.  The snowboarding background gave him a unique approach to designing the mats, the materials, and the applications of each item.  

Every item is crafted with a specific function and user type in mind.  We take pride in keeping things eco friendly and want to protect the world we all live on so we can all enjoy it the way we were meant to.

Through yoga you can break away from the norm of today. A 9-5 grind, binge watching TV shows, and living a life inside of walls.  Whether the walls at the office, in the gym, home, or even in your own head.  The systematic lifestyle only brings stress, poor health, and deprives us from having truly inspiring and happy experiences.

We took on the phoenix as our logo as a symbol that we can all begin a new chapter, and as a company we are here to support you. 

Making our yoga mats of top quality materials to cater to each individual yogis unique style and preference of practice we focus on helping our community to achieve a healthier state of being, not just physically but mentally as well.

As your strength of mind, body, and spirit increases we plan to grow with you and show you new opportunities and adventures.  Always looking ahead and supporting your journey.

We hope next time you unroll your mat and see the 2nd Wind brand you remember that you are a part of our family and you are the reason that we are here.