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How to Use 3 Common Yoga Props

How to Use 3 Common Yoga Props

We have teamed up with Ashton from YogiApproved to deliver this video outlining how to use our three yoga props safely to enhance your experience, and help you on your own personal yoga journey. Props are very much like road side assistance for your practice. When the pose gets tough they help you through the pains and when you decide to venture into new poses, they can be incorporated to spice things up and cool down after. Enjoy!

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Cork Yoga Blocks

Like a best friend there to support you when things get tough or to spice things up a bit. Our blocks are designed slimmer for better grip and support. Click to learn more!

Cork Yoga Wheel - Lotus

Yoga wheels are great tools for any yogi as they help to move deeper into stretches. The wheel itself has a high-grade plastic core padded with a 3 mm cork strip, finished with a laser engraved design to keep you feeling inspired. Click the Shop Now button and learn more.

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