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Cork Yoga Mats

Like it Hot? Up for an Adventure?

Let's keep it real, Yoga is awesome but slipping, sliding, and swimming in a your own sweat (or someone else's if your using a studio mat ) isn't the highlight of anyone's practice

Enter our cork mat - This little buddy thinks he is still on a tree in Asia. Which is great for you because the natural cork will repel moisture (of any kind) and while it does that it gets G-R-I-P-P-Y

When it's done saving your beautiful smile from an unfortunate meeting with the floor doing crow, it kills any bacteria on the mat. No mat cleaner needed, just wipe it down, air it out, and you're good to go.

And did we mention it is outdoor rated?  Throw it in the car with the rest of your beach gear and take it on your favorite hike. 

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