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Posted on January 29 2020

Meet Our Family

Cara Provenzano

With over 15 years of practice in a variety of yoga disciplines, Cara travels the globe spreading her love of yoga. The philosophy of her yoga instruction is to bring people into their own beautiful movement capabilities and personal growth. To reveal your own personal practice, using your own proper alignment. Journey towards your authentic inner light and let it expand through strengthening and stretching to the fullest potential, using your breath as your yoga tour guide through every asana. 

Jessica Smith - Love

Jessica is an international dating coach, author and yoga instructor. She is the host of the Game of Love Podcast heard in over 33 countries!  Flow with her from home with her digital classes with Yogi Approved.  Looking for a transformational yoga retreat? Good news, she is hosting a  women only retreat in beautiful Costa Rica alongside the amazing Ashton August of Yogi Approved in October 2020!  

Beau Campbell

Beau Campbell is a professional dancer, yoga instructor and holistic health coach originating from Southern California. She is the creator of the YogarinaFLOW®, a dance inspired yoga practice focused on personal expression and creative movement, and Shake Your Chakras!®- a transformative yoga/dance/meditation experience linked to the 7 chakras. Beau has taught at several different studios and festivals across the United States and Canada, including the Wanderlust Festivals, Arise Festival, and Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust Montreal. Her goal is to help students find their unique voice and artistic outlet in a safe and open environment. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her hubby and two fur babies. 

Georgina Monti

A competitive Kite-boarder and surfer who discovered yoga after an injury and quickly made it an integral part of her training routine. When she isn't one the water shredding waves or free diving you can catch her in the studio or just relaxing with her ukulele.  

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