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How To Clean Your Sticky Yoga Mat

Posted on October 27 2020

How To Clean Your Sticky Yoga Mat

Our sticky yoga mats not only offer unrivalled grip in an array of conditions, they are also surprisingly low maintenance. To avoid over-cleaning, we recommend a quick 'freshen up' every 7 - 10 uses. For those who practice regularly in sweaty conditions, this will be slightly more frequent. We strongly discourage the use of mat cleaner or essential oil sprays along with abrasive products as this will wear out the materials quicker and damage the mat. Our simple, effective and quick clean will keep your mat feeling and looking fresh and all you need is:

  • Your sticky yoga mat                                
  • 15 oz water                                
  • Mild dish soap  

Step 1

Unroll your mat with the sticky side facing up and brush off any dirt or dust that is on the surface.

Step 2

Combine the 15 oz of water and a drop of mild dish soap in a bowl or bucket and gently swoosh side to side. Shaking will create unwanted suds.

Step 3

Take your non abrasive sponge, submerse it in the solution and then squeeze out the water so the sponge is damp, but not soaking wet. Now you can start to gently wipe the mat down.

Step 4

After cleaning or a sweaty practice, allow your mat to fully dry out. If you're transporting it from class, it's fine to roll up, just keep the design side facing outwards and unroll to air out once you are home.

To help your mat last, we recommend to always roll it up with the design side facing outwards as it ensures your mats unrolls nice and flat with every use. It's also important to note that our sticky mat is best suited for indoor use, as prolonged sun exposure (over 60 minutes) can begin to degrade the biodegradable materials.

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