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Get To Know The Soul Mat

Get To Know The Soul Mat

What Is A Soul Mat?

Our soul mats are truly unlike any other with very limited quantities being made. Only 1000, which may sound like a lot, but when you consider there are 36 million yogis in the US alone, the chances of owning your own soul mat are less than .0028 %. So when we say limited edition, they really are.

As always, performance and sustainability are the standard, but what makes the mat particularly special, is that each mat is paired 1:1. So when you buy a black mat, someone in the world will be practicing on the white counterpart and vice versa. To help bring us together, these paired mats come with a unique code so you can search and find your soul mat partner! 

Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

by Brian Solis

The Inspiration Behind The Soul Mat

Yoga is a practice and journey within oneself with the yoga mat often referred to as a safe and personal space. However, as we practice with different instructors and yogis our practice changes. It was the realization that although our practice is very much our own, it is also a symphony of experiences touched upon by our fellow practitioners. It was this that inspired our founder Vincent to create a design that embodied the sentiment of the yogi community.

The design of the soul mats are derived from the meaning of yin and yang. In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism. It describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate.

Each soul mat is therefore paired with it's own opposite mat, which is the same but in the opposite color. To make things even more personal, each mat comes with a unique code that can be used to try and locate your soul mat partner with their counterpart mat, wherever in the world they may be! Alternatively, if you are purchasing one for yourself and one for a loved one, friend or partner, you can buy them simultaneously, add a note at the checkout and we will do our best to ensure you are both paired. That way wherever your practice may take you, you are never that far apart.

The Soul Mat's Mission

The soul mat has always had a single mission, to bring the yoga community closer together. There is an undeniable energy that comes from flowing on the mat and recognizing that somewhere, someone in the world is practicing on your paired mat. It is our hope that by connecting our practice in this way, we can learn to grow beyond the mat and build a stronger, more conscience community rooted in love and understanding.

We have been working tirelessly on the soul mat, which was a project for us long before COVID-19 unfortunately shook the world. But, we are still so happy to be able to share them with you, despite the tougher times. In a world that seems so divided and as we are required to practice further apart from one another, the world needs yoga now more than ever, and the soul mats true purpose is to bring the community closer together.

Along with bringing the yoga community together, we also want to help those outside of the yoga community and become a part of something much greater. The 2nd Wind Soul Mat is proud to support Little Angels Service Dogs, who train service dogs and partner them with the disabled to assist in their daily lives. They train dogs for assistance with mobility, autism, hearing, psychiatric needs and even seizure alerts, which not only improve day to day life, but can also save it. Professional dog training is incredibly costly and timely, which makes it not something that everyone can afford. Little Angels Service Dogs are there to help make it more accessible to those who need assistance. A dog can truly change a life and we're proud to help be a part of it. 

Finding Your Soul Mat Partner

Bringing the community together mat by mat. What could be more beautiful than flowing and knowing someone is doing the same on your mat counterpart. That you are never truly alone as we are a part of something much greater, an incredible yoga community!

To find your soul mat partner AND be entered to win the next limited mat design, all you need to do it ...

  • Follow and tag @2ndwindhealth in a photo of your new & the card showing the unique code.
  • Use the hashtags #2ndwindsoulmat and #(unique mat code). Check back regularly to find your partner. 
  • Once you find them, share on your IG story and tag @2ndwindhealth so we can see and enter you to win the next limited edition mat! 

As easy as that! Happy pairing! 

Soul Mat - Ganesh Black & Gold

$240.00 USD


Soul Mat - Ganesh Black & Gold

$240.00 USD


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