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Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga

Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga

Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga

I’ve always been more about throwing weights around and pushing my body to the physical limits until I herniated a disk in my back and compromised my health. I began researching the best way to heal and how an injury like this could occur, there was so much information from lack of mobility to being over trained. As I searched for a solution, I began dabbling with meditation and yoga. I knew that I wanted to increase my mobility and believed yoga could be the best way. I’ve tried various forms of yoga and eventually got hooked! 

Yoga isn’t what my preconceived notions initially told me it was, yoga is another form of mental and physical training that allows me to continue to grow as a professional athlete, recover and set my intentions. I’m so grateful I’ve stumbled upon my yoga practice, as it has enhanced my overall quality of life! 

To elevate my yoga game even more I’ve began using the tools offered by 2nd Wind like the cork yoga mat, that allows me to work really hard, sweat but not slip! Other tools like the cork blocks and yoga wheels help me constantly improve and challenge myself. I’m a better athlete from yoga, a better man from meditation and I’m excited to continue this journey! 

Bill O'Brien 
Bill O'Brien is 6'4 235 lb Professional Lacrosse player.  Known around the National Lacrosse League as 'The Enforcer' for his tough style of Defense.  Off the field he is  both an entrepreneur and in his down time shows an altruistic side.  Investing time inspiriting youth and supporting  his community.   

Bill "The Enforcer" favors a mat that is durable, supportive, and provides maximum grip during sweaty situations.  He uses props to increase the difficulty of certain poses, and to deepen the stretches after an intense workout to speed recovery.  You can get the same setup as he has below. 

Hot Yoga Kit

Kit includes the stingray cork yoga mat, with alignment features. 2 Yoga blocks and 1 Yoga Wheel.  This is the same setup as Bill O'Brien! 

Cork Yoga Mat

Durability, Grip, and Support all fused into one product.  Our cork mats are 100% natural and sustainable right down to the ink.  Will you rep the stingray design with Bill or choose a different style?

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