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Soul Mat - Ganesh Black & Gold

$240.00 USD


Orders will ship mid-September.

Our soul mats are truly unlike any other with very limited quantities being made. Only 1000, which may sound like a lot, but when you consider there are 36 million yogis in the US alone, the chances of owning your own soul mat are less than .0028 %. So when we say limited edition, they really are.

As always, performance and sustainability are the standard, but what makes the mat particularly special, is that each mat is paired 1:1. So when you buy a black mat, someone in the world will be practicing on the white counterpart and vice versa. To help bring us together, these paired mats come with a unique code so you can search and find your soul mat partner! 

Alternatively, if you are purchasing one for yourself and one for a loved one, friend or partner, you can buy them simultaneously, add a note at the checkout and we will do our best to ensure you are both paired. That way wherever your practice may take you, you are never that far apart.


  • Inspiration every time you unroll your mat - The black mat with the gold detailing turns heads in any room with the golden Ganesh design with alignment markers representing strength and power. The third eye at either end of the mat signifies a state of enlightenment and higher consciousness to inspire your flow and calm your mind. 
  • Unrivalled grip in all conditions - Performance and grip are a priority and our soul mat excels in both, thanks to the open-cell technology. Whether you're in a heated sweaty class or having a cooler flow, this mat will provide impressive grip so you can flow with confidence. 
  • Good for you and the environment - We are proud to not use any toxins in our mats with 100% natural and sustainable rubber heat pressed into the open cell PU. This also keeps the mat easy to clean with a freshwater wipe down after those sweaty sessions to keep it fresh.


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