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Our Story

Our Story

Where It All Began

It all began with a broken arm that became a catalyst for change. Our CEO broke his arm whilst snowboarding and after hearing his options were surgery or dealing with limited mobility, he decided to try yoga. He restored his mobility and with his sports background, he had a unique approach to designing the products, choosing the materials and various aspects that were paramount to his recovery. It was quite the learning curve.

It's All In The Details

Each individual product is carefully designed and crafted with a specific function and user type in mind. We meticulously choose and use only high quality materials without any toxic glues or harmful dyes, and take much pride in making sure our products are sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our planet is beautiful, and as yogis, adventurers and athletes, we can all do our bit to keep it so. The same amount of attention also goes into the designs on the mat. Amongst the intricate designs, there is always a meaning behind it to bring inspiration to your practice, every time you unroll your 2nd Wind mat!

Our Ambassadors

Behind every great brand, is a great group of people who share similar core values and aspirations. Not only do they inspire us, but we hope they inspire and motivate you on those days where you need a little extra umph.

Beyond The Mat

Both on and off of your mat, we plan to grow with you and support your journey every step and downward dog of the way. Our logo was chosen with exactly this in mind. The phoenix symbolizes that we can all begin a new chapter and, as a company and community, we are here to support you. Next time you unroll your mat and see the 2nd Wind logo, we want you to feel a part of our family and thanks to you, you are the reason that we are here.

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