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Timeless Beauty - Tao's Mat

Recovers the equivalent of 160 bottles of ocean-bound plastic You can track your impact after purchase.
$80.00 USD

This mat was designed as a gift for the one and only Tao Porchon Lynch for her 100th birthday.  

Tao practiced on a cork version of this mat and taught from it every weekend until she passed gently in her sleep at 101.  Teaching right up until her last weeks.  It is my honor to keep this mat to commemorate her life, her contributions, and her impact on our company.

Practicing with her in New York was an experience truly unlike any other and she truly felt and enjoyed life in every breath.  Before she passed I asked her to choose a cause for us to donate to whenever one of these mats sold, she wanted it to go to anything to do with animals.  Each purchase of this mat will have a donation in part made to




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