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Cork Yoga Mat - Elephant

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Cleaner Oceans
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Key Features

Ideal for heated practices and the adventurous yogi.

Your order removes 2kg of ocean plastic. Equivalent to 160 plastic bottles

Eco-Friendly, PVC Free, Biodegradeable

Cork is naturally anti-microbial and self cleaning. Easily Wiped Clean

68" x 2" | 5mm Thick | 4lbs

Cleaner Oceans

2kg or 160 bottles equivalent pulled from our oceans with each purchase. Sea creatures everywhere will thank you.

Grip When you need it

The key differentiator of a cork mat vs any other mat is it's ability to repel moisture. This is achieved by releasing suberin, which in turn increases your grip in those sweaty situations.

Ready for adventure

Durable, Low Maintenance, Extra Cushion make this mat a treat on a trip. Use it below your sleeping bag or flow by the ocean. It's ready to go wherever you take it.