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Dominican Republic - Single Room

$800.00 USD

Choose single, double or triple!


This is the deposit only and locks in your spot.  If you would like to pay in full please reach out to Rachael or Vince and a custom invoice will be sent to you accordingly.

Monthly payments beginning in September and ending in July prior to the retreat.

 This is non refundable, however if you have to cancel we will try to find a replacement and if we do we will refund you what has been paid minus a service charge to offset the card fees etc.

Single - $2900 early bird $3400 late bird

Double - $3900 early bird - $4500 late bird

Triple -  Select double we will  reach out with options!  This is a great option for friends who don't care about the sharing space, there is a pull out bed and we could even get 4 if you really wanted.

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