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$500.00 USD $4,200.00 USD

Luxurious Casitas – Secluded Jungle Accommodations

Slip into your spacious Tarzanesque abode and enjoy

  • a breezy living space with both a Queen and a Daybed
  • a large bathing area with a natural stone shower (some also have exotic outdoor showers)
  • a luxurious private deck with hammocks and deck chairs
  • in-house designed sustainable bamboo, beach and forest furniture
  • a relaxing reading nook with great reading lights, complete with a private library
  • bouquets of tropical fresh flowers
  • 850 square feet

Where are Iguana Lodge’s Casitas located?

  • On the beach, baby
  • Around and about our 15 acre property
  • Amongst our fragrant native species gardens
  • In our orchards attracting wildlife and birds of all furs and feathers (respectively)
  • Amidst Tarzan vines.  Wahoo!


$600 non refundable deposit saves your room - can be refunded if you find a replacement.  Purchase before May 15th and save $300.  Complete payment is due by 1 July.  Monthly payment options available.  Approx $475 p.month p. person

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