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Sticky Yoga Mat - Chili Pepper Red

$140.00 USD

Life is better with a little heat

  Never worry about slipping again, with our Sticky Mat.  In just 2 short years this mat is already top ranked in the industry! 

  Some yoga mats stink, literally, not ours.  We are proud to be part of the 10% of mats out there that don't use any harmful PVC or Toxins.  So breathe in deep, and on an exhale let everything that isn't helping you go.

  Supporting you from start to shavasana.   Your wrists and knees will thank you for the the perfect amount of cushion while you enjoy soaring into that airplane pose  feeling in sync with the ground beneath you. 


Key Features

  • Uncompromising materials and grip
    • No PVC, Latex, or Nasty Toxins.  
  • More space to practice on
    • This mat gives you added real estate without getting in the way of your fellow yogis in the studio. 
  • Alignment is key to a solid yoga practice, our alignment design makes it a breeze!
    • Regardless of your height, the design is setup to give you orientation throughout every pose and facing any direction.  Next time the instructor says to turn your foot on a 45 degree angle, you won't need a protractor, or luck to land it
  • Grip even when you get sweaty
    • Directs sweat outwards and away from locations you typically land your poses, helping you maintain the best contact with the surface as you flow.
  • Eco-Friendly & biodegradable. 
    • Breaks down in roughly 10 years in landfill conditions vs up to an estimated 10,000 with PVC mats! Let's not be the reason for global warming, ok?
  • It's a 2ndWind yoga mat
    • More than a mat, it's a movement. Your purchase extends beyond the mat and helps us do more for the community.  So flow with a smile, you're part of our family now! 


  Click HERE for care and cleaning instruction


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