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Sticky Yoga Mat - Emerald Green

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Cleaner Oceans
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Key Features

A favorite of yoga instructors

Your order removes 2kg of ocean plastic. Equivalent to 160 plastic bottles

Hand wash only, air dry. Cleaning instructions emailed to you :)

Eco-Friendly, PVC Free, 100% Recyclable

72.8" x 26.7" | 4.2mm Thick | 5lbs

Brilliant colors and a laser engraved design.

Cleaner Oceans

2kg or 160 bottles equivalent pulled from our oceans with each purchase. Sea creatures everywhere will thank you.

Unrivaled Grip

The sticky yoga mat stands alone in the level of grip it provides. Not just against our competitors but also amongst our own line-up. The only mat marginally better is our Soul Mat.

Unlock your potential

Grip aside, the alignment markers are setup for adding finese, precision, and a better experience. Never wonder if your foot is at a 45 degree angle again, there's a marker even for that!