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Surya Namaskara Using a Yoga Strap

Posted on August 10 2020

Surya Namaskara Using a Yoga Strap

Surya Namaskara Using a Yoga Strap

Surya Namaskara, also known as Sun Salutations, are a series of postures to align, strengthen and warm up the body. To deepen the poses and add some extra fire, we've oultined below how you can incorporate your yoga strap into your Surya Namaskara. 

First up, start by setting up your strap with the loose end locked in the D ring so that the width of the circle when extended is slightly wider than shoulder width.

Prayer Pose

Without any tension in the strap, bring your hands together in prayer at heart center. Release any tension in your face whilst allowing gravity to pull the shoulders down away from the ears. You can fully relax here and become aware of your body. 

Raised Arms Pose

With your palms still facing one another, bring your hands apart whilst you reach up and back over the barrel line. Engage as though you were going to stretch the strap and feel the muscles activate. With the support of the pressure against the strap, exhale and reach back a little further. You can slightly relax the tension in the strap from 100% to 90%.

Forward Fold 

Maintaining the tension in the arms with your fingers extended, exhale and fold forward. Notice how you feel the tension line in your body engage by having your arms extended with the strap. You should feel a comfortable stretch in your lats, sides and notice a slight increase in your extension.

Kneeling Lunge

From forward fold, press your hands into the mat and step back into kneeling lunge whilst lifting the arms over head maintaining the strap tension. Exhale a little further back and focus on your breath to add more depth into the pose. Ensure your front foot stays planted flat on the mat. 

Downward Dog

Lower your hands back down to the mat and step and press back into downward dog. This will feel much more like a resting pose as you give your arms a break. 

Engaged Child's Pose

On your exhale, lower the knees to the mat and shift your hips back into engaged child's pose. Hands stay in the strap for now. 

 8 Point Chaturanga

Flow forward into 8 point chaturanga with your hands planted firmly on the mat. The strap will be relaxed at this point.

Cobra Pose

Lower down to the mat and lift your chest into cobra pose. For a deeper stretch, hover the palms off the mat without engaging the strap.

Downward Dog

Lower your chest back down to the mat, curl your toes and push your hips up and back to downward facing dog.

Kneeling Lunge

On your exhale, step the foot forward to the right thumb for kneeling lunge. Sweep the arms up and over the barrel line whilst bringing tension to the strap once more.

Forward Fold

Lower your hands back to the mat and hop or walk to the front of your mat. With your palms facing one another, engage the strap and begin to lift up into raised arms pose. 

Raised Arm Pose

With your arms raised over head, stretch back over the barrel line.

Prayer Pose

Exhale and lower the hands to heart center. Take 1-2 breaths here to check in and notice any changes or sensations in the body. 

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