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How Yoga Can Help You Fall In Love With Yourself

How Yoga Can Help You Fall In Love With Yourself

Whether you’re happily single, married or in a relationship, I feel that the best love stems from when we love ourselves first. However, loving ourselves often gets confused with being arrogant or egotistic, when in reality it is taking care of your own needs whilst prioritizing and recognizing your own happiness and well-being. So where does yoga fit into all of this? Stretching and breathing really is the tip of the yoga iceberg, so I’ve listed my favourite reasons below of how yoga can help you fall in love with yourself.

Allows You To Connect With Your Body

Every single body is exquisitely unique, so wherever you are on your yoga journey, working on hand balances or reaching your ankles on happy baby, yoga allows us to appreciate both our body’s strengths and weaknesses. As you continue your journey, you’ll naturally become better at recognizing your improvements, gratitude and how amazing our bodies are. This connection to the body also helps us to be more mindful both in and out of our practice with how we continuously look after ourselves. From becoming more aware of what we eat and drink, identifying areas of stress to being more conscious of what makes our bodies feel the best they possibly can, all of which are acts of self-love.

Brings Our Focus Inward

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, but yoga helps us to re-center and refocus ourselves. Whether it be through Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Pranayama or meditation, our practice helps us to connect with our minds by swiping away any unnecessary or negative thoughts and feelings. This better connection allows us to hone in on our true values, goals and feelings without distraction. In addition, it gives us the ability to make better decisions with unclouded judgement and make space for the healthy habits that you love. All of the above results in you allowing yourself to fall in love with the path you’re on and in turn, love the person you are in this moment and everything that makes you!

Be kind, patient and give yourself the love that you so truly deserve.

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