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Embrace Nature's Comfort


Embrace Your Uniqueness: A Call to Celebrate Your Individuality

Our mats are specifically crafted to represent your individual journey. We've carefully considered every aspect from the design to the performance, and even the price point, to ensure your mat truly reflects you. So why settle for just any mat when you can have the best yoga mat for you?

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Find balance off the mat

Tools for Mind-Body Practice: Yoga Blocks, Yoga Wheels, Crystals, Sage & More

Emily Gonzalez - Buti Yoga Yoga Mat

A Mat that stands above the rest

the Soul Mat

Elevate Your Practice with the World's Only Paired Yoga Mat.

2nd Wind Soul Mat Yoga Mat
Vince Ghost 2nd Wind
Vincent Brown Yoga

Flow to Flourish

Get to know the owner of 2nd Wind and our mission to make a difference, not just a dollar.

Let's Grow Together

Ambassadors, Partner Studio, Retailers. Let's work together towards common goals.