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Cancelling your trip

In the event that you would like to cancel your trip you may do so for any reason for a full refund within 48 hours.  

After 48 hours your room is reserved and paid for to be held. You may still cancel your trip however in order to get a full refund we must find a replacement for your room.  Once a replacement is found you will be issued a full refund.  In the event that a replacement is not found and you wish to cancel note the below.

For Bali 2023 see dates below

  • Cancel before Mar 2023 - Receive 70% back of total paid minus initial deposit and merchant fees
  • Cancel before June 1 2023- Receive 70% back of total paid minus initial deposit and merchant fees
  • Cancel after June 1 2023 - Receive 40% back of total paid minus initial deposit.  June 31st no refunds will be given of any kind with the exception of you finding a replacement and them paying in full.

Please note that the above only applies if a replacement for your room is not found.  We highly encourage you to help fill your spot in the event that you need to cancel for any reason.

Force Majeure Cancellation

In the event that circumstances outside of your control cause you to cancel the trip it is important that you have purchased travelers insurance.  2nd Wind and the retreat hosts will not be liable to refund you for any type of Force Majeure situation.  Force Majeure consists of things such as an earthquake, hurricane, or other Act of God".



Restrictions on entry continually are changing and the participant is responsible for coordinating around the countries regulations for entry and their destination countries regulations for entry.  We will be happy to facilitate Covid-19 exams for those needed but it is solely the responsibility of the attendee to be up to date on current regulations and restrictions.  The most recent updates can be found here.


Passport / Visa Requirements (at date of publication)

Bali - Passport with 6 month expiration is required and at least 2 blank pages.  A Visa will be issued at arrival.  You can also apply for your Visa in advance.

You should always check the U.S Embassy for the most up to date information.  If you require a passport for your trip apply as soon as possible as the office is often delayed!

Medical Coverage 

We do not provide insurance to cover any injuries that may occur, excursions that you choose to partake in or go solo on are the sole responsibility of the attendee.  We highly recommend you get the travelers insurance.  If you are looking to do things on the more extreme level where you could get injured spend a little extra for the peace of mind of getting medical transport home.  Nobody plans to get hurt but for a few dollars more you can have complete peace of mind.