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Italian cuisine, Good Vibes, and the Tyrrhenian Sea await. Paradise is calling.

7 - 12 Oct 2024

Gaeta, Italy

A town less traveled, rich in history and an authentic Italian experience. You're a short train ride to Rome and all her wonder and a shorter ride to Naples. Though you'd be hard pressed to find much reason to leave the private beachfront and amazing location cliffside.

Gaeta - Italy awaits

I've found a gem of a location right on the coastline on a private beach. A windy road descends you down a cliffside overlooking the Ocean.

We'll enjoy all our classes and meals with a view unlike any other. A waterfall cascades into the pool. The layout and cobble stone pathways make you feel like you've stepped into history and you have. Heroes, pirates, popes and emperors have walked through these parts and now so have you.

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Yoga, Buti, and Aireal yoga instructor. Vince is also a veteran who became passionate about travel and getting to know different countries and cultures. His retreats focus on exploring the environment as well as yoga to highlight and really bring an experience like no other.


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