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10 Day Yoga Prop Challenge

10 Day Yoga Prop Challenge

10 Day Prop Challenge and Giveaway

Join us for a 10 day prop challenge M - F Aug 20 – Aug 31!  Each day we will post a suggested pose using various props.  All you need to do is post a picture using your own props and use the below hashtags and tag us @2ndWindHealth on Instagram.  You do not need to do the same pose as we show, this is your challenge, your journey, and your adventure.  Each day you upload a picture, and successfully tag us you get another chance to win a new yoga mat, 2 blocks, and a wheel!  The winner will be announced on Sep 3.


Aside from the chance to win some epic gear, why should I join this challenge?

Asana means “a posture giving physical comfort and mental composure.”  In this challenge we explore how thru the use of props we can achieve this goal regardless of skill level. 

When we perform asanas with good alignment our mind, body, and breath all come together as one giving us not only physical but mental benefits as well.  Within its philosophy it reminds us to practice compassion, kindness, and teaches us about ourselves.  In turn helping us better help others.

This challenge seeks to inspire support both on and off the mat.  With support we can all improve upon our practice.  We will show adjustments, variations that involve all levels, and encourage one another to explore and be creative throughout. 

The true challenge lies in support, how much are you willing to give?  How much are you willing to receive?  For the next 10 days show support to one another and show how you support yourself using props. 

hashtags: #gettingandgivingpropchallenge #itsallaboutsupport

Follow and tag @2ndwindhealth

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