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Rhode Island Yoga Festival

Catch The Wave Oct 6 - 8


Yoga, Music, Breathwork, SUP, and all things wellness

Where community meets passion good things happen. A limited number of early release tickets drop June 14th. Join our mailing list and be the first to know. Use the links below to learn more and get involved!

Presenters - More To Come!

Yogi Bryan

Meditations, training, subconscious reprogramming, and workshops to help you discover your true purpose.

Beau Campbell

A professional dancer, yoga instructor, and holistic health coach - Creator of the Yogarina Flow(tm)

Ceara Caisido

Yogi, butisattva, accomplished cellist and competitive body builder. Driven to inspire and help others grow.

Vince Ghost

Veteran, Yogi, AIReal(tm) instructor, butisattva. Passionate about using yoga as a springboard for better living.

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