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This is for a set of two mats, not one. You will receive the Yin and Yang versions with have a matching codes. Perfect for those trying to further share their journey with someone else and they make the perfect gift!

Flow with confidence knowing our Soul Mat provides exceptional grip in all conditions. Combined with the unique alignment cues, you're setup for success from the moment you step on your mat to the moment you step off of it.

Scroll down for the specs and tech behind the mat! Click HERE for care and cleaning instructions.


Flow with confidence knowing our Soul Mat provides exceptional grip in all conditions, including the sweatiest of classes. The mat's 4.2mm of support will keep you feeling rooted but also comfortable in your practice.


  • More room to flow — Larger than the industry standard, our sticky mats are 72.8" L x 26.7" W x 4.2 mm.
  • Open-cell technology — Your sweat works with you not against you by helping maintain grip in all the right places.
  • Intentional design — The Polynesian-inspired pattern acts as markers for optimal alignment for your hands and feet throughout your practice.
  • Good for you and the environment — Made with quality natural rubber and non-toxic materials.

The Story Of The Soul Mat

  We set out to make a mat that embodies what we think Yoga is all about. community, giving back, and being good to the earth.

Yoga has always been a practice and journey inward to oneself, but it is also very much rooted in community. The sharing of energy and knowledge between students, teachers, friends, and family.

The Soul Mat, is the worlds only paired yoga mat with every Yin version having a brother or sister Yang version in the opposite color. These mats are linked via a unique code you receive upon getting the mat along with instructions on how to use it to find your counterpart.

You may have read about the Soul Mat in Yoga Journal, or caught a glimpse of it underfoot of some truly amazing people on social media.

Now is your chance to get yourself a matching set. One for you and one for the person you want to connect your practice with.

You both will reap all the rewards of the soul mat, including 10% off all 2nd Wind products, retreats, and services for life!

Hurry, these are the most limited mats on the market, the only paired yoga mats in the world, and once the 1000 made are sold they will never be made again.

The Mat Construction

Weight: 5.5lbs per mat

Dimensions: 73in (185cm) Long x 27in (68cm) Wide

Thickness: 4.2mm

Key Features

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