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Cork Yoga Kit

$225.00 USD

This kit is perfect for anyone who is looking for a low maintenance highly durable and performance setup for their practice.  Move confidently despite sweaty situations.

Kit Includes 

  • 1 Polynesian yoga mat
  • 2 cork yoga blocks 1 Arrow and one Turtle design
  • 1 Cork yoga wheel

The Tech Details

  • All natural cork yoga mat
    • Design helps you when landing poses by guiding your alignment using a center rail and 45, 90, and 180 degree markers. 
    • Self Cleaning
    • Grip is drastically improved as the mat gets wet
    • No need for mat cleaner
  • Cork Block
    • Designed slimmer than standard blocks to improve stability, grip strength, and allow for easier assistance and advancement in poses
    • Self cleaning
    • 100% Cork with laser engraved designs
  • Cork Yoga Wheel
    • Self cleaning
    • Supports up to 550 lbs
    • Laser engraved design
    • Ideal for spinal massages, core work, and providing a wider base practicing more complex poses.


The Stingray is a symbolizes protection, adaptation, grace, and peacefulness.


Click HERE to view cleaning and care details.

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