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Faith Strength Love - Hemp Yoga Mat

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Key Features

Ideal for beginners and yogis who like creative sequencing. Easily pivot, glide and adjust. Hook when you need to.

Your order removes 2kg of ocean plastic. Equivalent to 160 plastic bottles

Machine washable, gentle cycle and cold. Air dry only!

Eco-Friendly, PVC Free, 100% Recyclable

72.8" x 26.7" | 4.2mm Thick | 5lbs

Vibrant colors and intricate designs. Nostalgic feeling of hemp.

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Cleaner Oceans
Instructor Favorite

Cleaner Oceans

2kg or 160 bottles equivalent pulled from our oceans with each purchase. Sea creatures everywhere will thank you.

Meditation Spot

Many of our customers rave that the Hemp mat is by far the best for "sinking" into your practice. The nostalgic feel of the hemp helps you become present in the practice faster.

Free Flow

The material of the hemp mat really caters to yogis that love to flow, glide, and enjoy the poses between the poses. You'll be able to adjust, explore, and then hook with the grip when you need it.