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Amethyst Divinity Bracelet

$12.50 USD

Add charm, protection and healing to your wrist with this minimalist beauty of a bangle. These divine little bracelets will add that bit of sparkle and color to your day. Hand crafted from all natural stone and crystal. The simple elegance and luster allows you to wear one or many depending on your mood. 

Amethyst  This potent and pretty stone is sure to awe anyone who lays their eyes upon its  gorgeous purple hue. This stone is said to be the bridge that connects the physical with the divine and therefore  has long been synonymous with spirituality. This stone is also famed for its close association with both the third eye and the crown chakra.

Amethyst is also associated with cell regeneration, soothing sleep and hormonal balance.  Along with all of this, the stone also ensures that the body, mind and soul remain clear and detoxified. 

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