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Care for your towel-infused yoga mat

 1. READY - SET - GO

One of the lowest maintenance yoga mats out there, just unpack, unroll, and hop on!  This mat is ready to go for all types of yoga classes, making it a 2nd Wind favorite.


Your mat has an anti-microbial towel baked into the natural rubber base.  This keeps your mat from getting stinky and having to be cleaned often.

 When the time comes to clean you can either use a small drop of color safe laundry detergent and wash by hand, or put it into a standard washing machine on a gentle cycle with color safe laundry detergent. If you aren't sure your washing machine can handle it, call the manufacturer or stick with hand washing.



 After cleaning your mat, hang it to dry. Never use the drying machine.  After a sweaty class roll it up design side facing out and let it air dry unrolled when you get home.  (You can leave it rolled up with no damage to the mat, but it will dry faster and stay smelling cleaner longer if allowed to air dry)


Roll up your yoga mat with the top side (designed side) on the outside between uses. It’s designed to be rolled this way, and this will help ensure your mat rolls out nice and flat at each time you use if for your practice. Plus it just looks way cooler!


 Towel Infused yoga mats are great for yogis of all levels. But if it's your first time using the mat there is a bit of a learning curve. If you feel the mat is slippery don't blame the mat! Check your alignment, and that you are engaged in your pose properly.  If you need a little more grip a little water on your palms, or directly to the mat will give you that straight away.


Our towel infused mats are unlike any other in our lineup.  Their versatility allows you to hop into yoga classes of all type without worrying if your mat can handle it, it can! So explore different styles, temperatures, even take it outside a bit. When you find the class that vibes the most with you come on back and get a mat that better specializes for that! 


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