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Cork Yoga Mat - Stingray

$130.00 USD

Discover New Depths Within your Practice

Arguably one of our coolest designs, the Polynesian based artwork is not only setup to help you with alignment but full of meaning and depth. The shark tooth patterns across for your hands and feet represent protection, guidance, strength and ferocity. The Stingray in the centre is representative of adaptation, gracefulness, peacefulness, agility, speed and stealth. The simple curl pattern is actually a symbol for the Ocean, which was a second home to the culture and represented the beyond.


Low-maintenance and always down for an adventure, our long-lasting and all-natural cork mat is the thickest in our lineup. Not only does it give you extra support, but it also maintains it's grip whether you’re flowing beachside or in-studio. 


  • Solid and comfortable foundation — Your joints will be grateful with 5 mm (almost 40% more cushion than the average yoga mat) of support for your wrists and knees (172.72 cm x 60.96 cm / 68" x 24"; 5 mm thick; weighs 4.5 lbs.)
  • Closed-cell technology — Repels sweat while improving grip the wetter it gets.
  • Outdoor-friendly — Antimicrobial (no fancy mat sprays needed), odor repelling and quick-dry features make it perfect for flowing rain or shine.
  • Good for you and the environment — Made with 100% natural and sustainable cork and rubber, water-based ink and no glue, latex, PVC or toxins. 

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