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Carnelian Divinity Bracelet

$12.50 USD

Add charm, protection and healing to your wrist with this minimalist beauty of a bangle. These divine little bracelets will add that bit of sparkle and color to your day. Hand crafted from all natural stone and crystal. The simple elegance and luster allows you to wear one or many depending on your mood. 

Carnelian known as the sunset stone, a potent healing crystal that heals the body, mind, and soul. 

Carnelian infuses the body with life, light and energy. It stimulates the muscles, and keeps tissues and organs flushed with healthy oxygenated blood. For anyone out there who may lacking when it comes to their sexual energy, Carnelian is here to help. This stone  can be an amazing aid in giving your libido a boost and helping you to fully step into the fire of your own sexual identity and power.

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