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Sticky Yoga Mat Chili Pepper Red


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Beauty + Function

Our laser engraved design is more than just easy on the eyes.  It provides you with a center rail, 45 degree angle markers, spacing guides for your hands and feet as well as targets for your front, center, and back of your mat.  Even more, it  is charged with powerful Polynesian symbolism.

Key Features

  • It won't kill you
    • No PVC, Latex, or Nasty Toxins
  • Over-sized but not intrusive.
    • This mat gives you added real estate without getting in the way of your fellow yogis in the studio (185x65cmx4.2mm)
  • Laser engraved design provides discrete alignment markers.
    • Center rail, angles, foot and hand base markers.
  • Directs sweat outwards and away from locations you typically land your poses, helping you maintain the best contact with the surface as you flow.
  • Eco-Friendly & biodegradable. 
    • Breaks down in roughly 10 years in landfill conditions vs up to an estimated 10,000 with PVC mats!
  • It's a 2ndWind yoga mat.
    • More than a mat, it's a movement. Your purchase extends beyond the mat and helps us do more for the community.  So flow with a smile, you're part of our family now!


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