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Yoga Beginners Kit

$190.00 USD $195.00 USD

If you are new to yoga there are a few things you should know.  There are allot of different types of classes and from one class to the next there can be variations in temperature, physical exertion, breathing exercises, location and much more!

This kit has our most versatile and lightweight mat.  It will serve you well in heated and non heated classes, but while it is good at all things it doesn't specialize for hot or cooler classes like out other mats. 

Starting with this mat type is a great way to learn your preferred style with a mat that is 100% natural, and built to last.

This bundle also includes a cork block in the Lotus design and a yoga wheel.  Both these items can help you progress safely while providing you with assistance and comfort. Later they can be used to attempt more difficult variations and poses!

You can choose any of our suede mats below.  

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